3. Parcel ship-out and payment 返回


You are about to receive the parcel! Time to choose delivery method!

1. When your item has arrived to DimBuy Warehouse, click “My Warehouse” to process.

2. Select which items you want to ship-out and click on the blue button.

3. Please choose HK or Macau address.

4. Choose your delivery method (1. Pickup, 2. Home Delivery)

5. Enter the recipient name and mobile number. (SMS will be sent once the parcel is ready for pick up.)

6. Choose the payment method, the first category are those who can apply with coupon code; the second category are the credit card offer but cannot accept coupon code discount.

7. Check the box to agree the T&C

8. Click on the blue button to review and confirm your payment.

9. You can check the parcel status in “Order History”. (1. Details)