Seeking to change the way people shop, JIMMY LING has poured all energy into creating what may soon be the most popular online shopping services portal in Hong Kong 返回


Seeking to change the way people shop, JIMMY LING has poured all energy into creating what may soon be the most popular online shopping services portal in Hong Kong

Jimmy Ling, Founder and Managing Director. 

Online logistics services provider was founded in 2011, its headquarters in Hong Kong.

“Our objective is to provide diversified and reliable logistics services for online shoppers. We strive to become one of the most popular online shopping services portals in Hong Kong(一站式全球網購及配送的平台),” says founder Jimmy Ling.

“To enhance our competitiveness and customer convenience, in addition to our core China parcel forwarding, we are expanding our business horizon to international markets. These businesses span international parcel forwarding and concierge services, E-commerce, integrated logistics solutions, information technology solutions, advertising and promotion. 

Seamless and hassle-free experience

The logistics industry is a traditional pillar industry of Hong Kong, Ling shares. “In recent years, it has significant shifted towards the handling of high-value goods and provision of value-added services to respond to market trends.With the increasing demand for consumer goods in other parts of Asia in particular, it has become more important to grasp changes in tastes and to conduct timely marketing and sale of goods.”

DimBuy, an established, well-developed and trustworthy third party logistics platform in Hong Kong, provides Mainland and international parcel forwarding services to its customers. It aims to be the market leader in Hong Kong. “Our company invests heavily in creating this online portal that assists customers by solving overseas shopping issues and provides them with one-stop services.” was awarded "The Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2016".

The company provides over 300 unique pick-up points and delivery routes, which many of its competitors cannot. It has four service centers and is engaged in partnerships with convenience stores Circle K and VanGo, Sinopec gas service station and leading China courier SF Express service center. The company also provides home delivery services. 
“Also, our company is able to provide different bank credit card offers with banking establishments including Citibank, Hang Seng, DBS and Bankof China. Our customers can use select credit cards to process payments and receive exclusive offers with our banking partners.” 

Closing in on the goal

“We are currently planning to expand our parcel forwarding service in Europe,further fulfilling customer needs, as well as the launch of a new unit of monthly membership scheme programme named DimBuy Pass Premium. In this exclusive offer, the unit of measure is changed from 1kg to 100g. People who love online shopping can gain savings on unnecessary delivery fees through this programme,” says Ling.

“Moreover, our future goal and development direction is forming partner¬ships with well-known overseas online shopping malls, including Rakuten andYahoo Japan, allowing our customers to buy anything from these shops via theDimBuy shopping portal.”

2015 played host to a rapid increase in new industry participants, quick to use price cut strategies to attract new customers. Faced with this challenge, the company continues to improve its service and step up marketing efforts, introduce new products and mount promotional campaigns in order to retain the favourable impression with the public.

“We will not only focus on Hong Kong business but also devote efforts to developing new markets in mainland China and Southeast Asia, and expand our service network to further enable cross border online shopping. We are committed to building a strong and comprehensive service portal for local and overseas users so customers can freely enjoy the products and services offered by DimBuy to shop and ship around the globe. We relentlessly pursue our vision of becoming the online shopping services provider of choice.” 

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